Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stalking in Memphis

While The Weekend Aristocrat is based in Knoxville, recent public input has called for expanding state coverage. In accordance, we decided to send a reporter to the city of Memphis. Below are his observations. More photos will come as soon as they are available.

This is just a badass pic. This was taken from the roof of the Peabody Hotel. It's a good thing that roof access is not restricted to hotel tenants, cause there is no way we'd ever have the dough to spring for a room at the Peabody. Sure, we are aristocrats, but only on weekends. And this pic was taken on Monday.

The Hernando de Soto bridge is brought to you by McDonald's. ¡me encanta!

This is Sun Studio where Elvis recorded his first record. As you can see, an eclipse is starting to form as a shadow extends from the building's right wall. Our reporter was fortunate enough to visit the studio during one of the few times of year that the eclipse casts a shadow over Moon Studio. Moon Studio is just out of sight, and is exactly 1/4 the size of Earth Studio. 

I know this looks out of focus, but this is actually a high definition picture of what Beale Street looks like through the eyes of someone who is absolutely hammered.

This is either a limo or a hearse for an extremely tall (and stylish) person. I'm betting on the latter. 

The road to salvation...or maybe just the road to Graceland. Same difference right?

This is one of the many signs in Graceland warning visitors not to use flash photography inside the house. In order to document the rules, our reporter turned his flash on while capturing this image. Muy ironía.

Judging by this arrangement in one of the many gift shops at Graceland, our reporter is guessing Elvis played a lot of liquor pong.

This pic was taken off the back balcony of the University of Memphis Cecil C Humphreys School of Law. Our reporter would like to say he couldn't resist capturing this moment of local life. He would also like to apologize to his mother for any shame she may feel for realizing that this is the stuff her son posts online.

University of Memphis Law School Class of 1914. Ten graduates, ten white guys. Yay for diversity.

The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium is an amazing venue in which to watch a college football game, especially if you're an opposing fan. We say this because unlike most college stadiums our reporter has visited, you can buy beer here and the away team is more likely to win.

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